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High quality SEO service, focused on search engine rankings improvement by using safe methods, based on link placement on high authority, established websites.

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Multiple Sources

pozycjonowanie umowa Bielsko-Biała With our service we increase site’s rankings on search engines by increasing its authority through linking to it from high authority websites. Sites we use are not interconnected in any way. Everything is diversified, from site ownership, platforms used, hosting service, to domain age. Unnatural patterns and footprints are completely avoided.

Filtering and Quality Control

Quality control is one of our priorities at Red Square SEO. All sites we use for link placement are filtered through multiple criteria. Some of the filters include number of links to external sites, placement of links on site, number of hidden links, Page and Domain Authority (Moz.com metrics), Trust and Citation Flow (MajesticSeo.com metrics), presence of page in Google index, presence of bad listed words on page, unique content check, etc. All these filters leave us only the best of the best sites which deserve to be used for your website promotion.

Anchor Texts

Diversification of anchor texts is one of the most important elements of high quality SEO campaign. With Red Square SEO you don’t have to worry about it. By default, along with your main keywords, we will include related, LSI, loosely related and partial match keywords, generic phrases, naked URLs and mixture of all those types. As additional diversification level, part of anchor texts will have surrounding text, while others will be without it.

Deep Linking

No matter what’s the URL you want to rank, using deep links is highly recommended. For example, if you want to rank a http://www.site.com, we will build part of the links to http://www.site.com/page1.html as well as to http://www.site.com/contact, http://www.site.com/rates and similar. This way whole linking structure looks natural, just as it should be.

High Authority Metrics

Sites we use for link placement have high authority metrics, like Page and Domain Authority, MozRank (Moz.com metrics), Trust and Citation Flow (MajesticSEO.com metrics) and Google Page Rank. Links from such sites will increase your site authority in general and with time you will start ranking not just for your main keyword, but for many other long tail keywords too.

More Links For Your Money

Specified number of links for each of our packages is minimal guaranteed number of links and as a rule we always add some extra links.

BONUS – On Site SEO Analysis And Full Report!

For each site you ordered Red Square SEO service for, you will get full on-page SEO report, including recommendations on how you can improve your on-page SEO to rank even faster and higher. As you are probably aware, on-site SEO is equally important part of  SEO as links to your site. Well optimized site is 50% of a success.

Red Square SEO Is Safe

Advertising, not just link building

We place links on sites owned by various owners, with domain age from 1 up to 15 years, built on different platforms, hosted on different hosting providers. No footprints left.

No Suspicious Domains

Most of the links are placed on sites on .com/.net/.org domains, if not requested different.

High Authority Sites Only

All sites we place links on are high authority sites. Metrics we track are Page and Domain Authority, Trust and Citation Flow, MozRank and PR.

Outbound Links

Maximal number of outbound links (OBL) is 7, while average is 3.

Randomized And Diversified Elements

All elements of each campaign are randomized and diversified (including anchor text). Each site we work with is analyzed and campaigns we set up are highly individual.

Natural Link Placement

Links are placed on healthy and natural mixture of home and inner page URLs. Both, home and inner pages, have high authority metrics.


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$57per month

  • Low-Moderate competition niches
  • Recommended no of URLs: 1-2
  • Recommended no of keywords: 1-2
  • 40+ Backlinks (PR1 – PR6)
  • Price Per Link $1.43

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$117per month

  • Moderate competition niches
  • Recommended no of URLs: 1-3
  • Recommended no of keywords: 1-3
  • 90+ Backlinks (PR1 – PR6)
  • Price Per Link $1.30

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$187per month

  • Moderate-high competition niches
  • Recommended no of URLs: 1-4
  • Recommended no of keywords: 1-4
  • 160+ Backlinks (PR1 – PR6)
  • Price Per Link $1.17

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Extreme Power

$257per month

  • High competition niches
  • Recommended no of URLs: 1-5
  • Recommended no of keywords: 1-5
  • 260+ Backlinks (PR1 – PR6)
  • Price Per Link $0.99

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Prices above are VAT exclusive. Red Square SEO is a service offered by DIVERSIS DIGITAL, an EU based company and VAT will be added to price for European Union based individuals on the Checkout Page.

All packages include

Do Follow Links, Home Page Links, Max 7 Outbound Links, Content Filter Check, BONUS – Full On-Site Report. All pages with links are at least 1 year old, 80% are Moz Rank 5+, and with 16+ Page Authority

We can create a custom package for you!

If none of the pre-defined packages fits your needs, please contact us and we will create a special packages just for you.

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What do I need to get started?




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How does it work?

1. Choose Your Package

If you need help, feel free to ask us! We will analyze your site, keywords, niche and competition and recommend you a package.

2. Place An Order

Fill in the details needed and pay your bill!

3. Campaign Setup

We will analyze your site’s current links and set up a campaign for you.

4. Link Placement

Links are placed on high authority websites and drip feed period is from 4 to 20 days, depending on your package and the age of your site.

5. Regular Updates

We will send you updates when we start your campaign and when the links are placed. You will also get a free on-page SEO report!

6. Monitor Rankings

You can monitor your own rankings on a free SERPbook link we will send you, and we will keep an eye on your campaign too.

Our Metrics

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What are your average ranking times?

On average, first ranking improvements are already visible after 2-3 weeks, and top results after one up to several months. Exact ranking time differs from case to case and depends on many factors, not just links – for example on-page SEO score, domain age, current backlinking profile, previous SEO activities on same domain, what other competitors are doing in terms of SEO, niche competition, if package is chosen well according to competition, etc. Quality SEO takes some time. Red Square SEO is focused on safe, long term rankings and we never use aggressive methods that would maybe rank a site a bit faster, but significantly increase risk of penalty on the other side.

Are links contextual or non-contextual?

Links are non-contextual, but as a part of our advanced anchor text diversification, part of anchors are placed with keyword related surrounding text. The reason why we don’t offer contextual links is that they are lately under Google’s radar, especially PBN types of links (aged or expired domains that changed hosting/IP, owner, layout, file structure – basically everything, so they are easy to track). We place links on real, established sites only, which are owned by various owners, and all these sites have their visitors and are not built for SEO purposes only (like PBNs are).

How do I know which package to choose for my site?

We offer 4 predefined packages – Starter, Standard, Pro and Extreme Power. You can get more details about each package on our Pricing Table. If you are not sure which package you should choose, feel free to contact us with your keywords and URLs and we will be glad to analyze them and suggest a plan for you.

Is this service good for highest rankings, like spot #1 on Google?

Definitely! All we need is realistic time frame and appropriate package to make a completely natural looking and strong enough campaign for your site.

Is Red Square SEO private blog network?

No. Red Square SEO is an agency that builds links on established sites that are in real use. Sites we place links on are not in our ownership – they are owned by different owners, hosted on different IPs and at different hosting providers, built on various platforms, have domains of various age, etc. Everything is randomized as much as possible, without any interconnections. Average PBNs are on contrary built on expired domains that recently changed all possible elements, from whois info, URL structure, content, site layout. On top of that, most of PBNs have recognizable site structure – blogs with lots of unrelated articles, each linking to external site. This makes PBNs extremely vulnerable and that’s why so much PBNs get penalized lately.

Is this service good for non-English sites too?

Yup, we will even try to place as many links as possible to country relevant sites.

Are there niches you don't accept?

Yes, we don’t accept sites in adult, gambling and pharma niches.

What is the turnaround time?

Your campaign will be set up in 24 hours from the moment you place an order and we will start placing links immediately after that. Link placement will be drip fed, usually through period of 4-20 days, depending on package size, domain age, number of backlinks and some other parameters we check for each site, so your back linking profile will look 100% natural and be without unnatural link patterns.

What kind of sites will my links be placed on?

Strictly real world, established sites with high authority metrics. Links are placed on mostly .com, .org and .net domains, but other are possible too for natural looking backlinking profile. We don’t use .ru or similar country specific domains that would look suspicious, unless you request this.

Do inner pages where links are placed also have high authority (PR for example), or just home page/domain?

All pages, home and inner pages, where links are placed, have high authority metrics like PA, DA, CF, TF, MozRank, PR, etc.

Do you take care of anchor text diversification?

By default we analyze each domain we start building links for and based on its backlinking profile we take care to diversify all elements of a campaign in adequate ratio. This includes anchor text diversification. With exact keyword anchor texts we use partly match anchors, related, LSI and loosely related keywords, generic terms, naked URLs and mixture of these types. As additional diversification level, we use part of anchors with, and part without relevant surrounding text.

Is it okay to use just links from your service?

Yes, you can use our links only. If package you choose is strong enough according to your keyword’s competition, our links should work well without any other parallel service. We take care of anchor diversity by default by using other related, LSI and loosely related keywords, generic terms and naked URLs, and all these elements mixed, with and without surrounding text. However, if you want to diversify your links,  you can. Just take care you don’t do any blasts that would leave unnatural peaks. Also, we recommend being careful with private blog networks – not all are so private as their name would suggest.

How long will these links be active?

This is a subscription based service and your links will be active as long as you are subscribed. This is a common practice with links placed on high high authority sites that are in real use (not PBNs).

Why this service isn't cheaper?

Considering how fast these links usually work and how powerful they are, this service is actually one of the best options you can get for your money. Many marketers are trying to get results using cheap link building options and they end up spending more money at the end without any results and, of course, with no return on investment (since they are not ranking). With properly monetized sites with our links you can reach ROI very fast so this actually shouldn’t be a problem.

What are SEO metric values of sites where links are placed?

Sites we place links on are highly authoritative. For example, here are some specific metrics we use to filter sites for link placement:

  • PR => 1
  • DA/PA > 16
  • MajesticSEO CF/TF > 11
  • OBL <= 7, but on average 3 or less
  • no ‘bad neighborhood links’ placed on same page
  • domain age > 1 year

These are minimal values, most of the sites have higher values, sometimes even multiple times. For example, sites with PA 35-45, Trust Flow above 30 and similar.

Do I get new set of links each month?

This is a link rental based service and set of links we built in 1st month is active as long as you are subscribed. We don’t build new set of links each month and this is normal way how high authority link building services like this one work. Of course, if any of links drops in any of SEO metrics we track, this link will be replaced with new one.

If package is chosen well according to niche competition, our links are more than enough to get a site ranked. The longer the links are active, more authority and link juice will be passed to your site and this will gradually increase your rankings through time.

Are these links safe? Will my site get penalized if I use Red Square SEO?

Yes, these links are safe as they can be. This service has a history of more than 2 years of successful rankings without any cases of penalty because of our links. All sites we use for link placement are filtered on regular basis by many different criteria like number of links to external sites, position of links on site, hidden links check, Moz Rank, Page and Domain Authority, Trust and Citation Flow metrics, presence of page in Google index, presence of bad listed words on page or URL, unique content check, etc. Your links will be placed on highest quality sites only. Of course, we can’t predict the future and what updates Google may issue, but this is the case with any other SEO option you can imagine. Red Square SEO works with many established on line businesses for years without any problems with Google updates, so we can say this service is pretty safe.

Do you place links on niche relevant sites?

We try to do so for as many links we can, but even if placed on general topic sites, these links work great.

Do you use indexing service with links you build?

No, we don’t use indexing services since all sites we place links on have high authority and get indexed on regular basis naturally. Most links get crawled in few days. This way everything stays natural and we don’t leave unnecessary footprints.

Do I get a report?

We don’t provide classic URL report in order to protect our sites from being used in a wrong way and this way making service less effective. However, you will get a free SERPBook.com tracking link where you will be able to track your site rankings, changes in rankings and backlink count. You will also get a detailed on-site SEO report with our recommendations on how could you improve your on-site SEO to get ranked faster and better. Also, you can always use 3rd party services like majestic.com or ahrefs.com to get an insight in at least part of links we are building.

What do I need to provide to get started?

Your URL(s), keyword(s) and target country only. We will do everything else, like anchor text diversification, deep linking, full site analysis before campaign setup, fine tuning, etc.

How can I contact you in case I have some questions?

Our support staff is available for live chat from 9 AM to 3 PM (Central European Time, GMT+01:00). Outside working hours you can leave us a message and we will get back to you with response as soon as possible. There are multiple ways you can contact us – by email, ticketing system and chat/messaging widget on our website.

Do I have to pay VAT?

Prices on our website are VAT (Value Added Tax) excluded. We are an EU based company and according to EU laws, if you are EU based individual, VAT will be charged automatically. Exempt from VAT in EU are other EU based companies with valid VAT number.

If you are based outside EU, VAT won’t be charged.